About us

The Social Legal Aid is a fully public funded organization that offers legal- and debt counselling free of charge.

We can assist in a great number of cases so do not hesitate to contact us if you are in need of help. We offer counselling by phone, e-mail or in person in our offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Horsens. To find out if we can do anything for you call us on (+45) 70 22 93 30 (Aarhus and Copenhagen) or (+45) 29 91 44 04 (Horsens). 

To ensure the quality of our counselling every single one of our employees has agreed to live up to our Code of Conduct, guaranteeing that you are in good hands.

We can help you if....

As a publically funded organisation there are certain rules to whom we may help. Below is an attempt of listing the people that may make use of our services, yet it is hard to make a thorough list so contact us if you think you might be able to benefit from our counselling, we will able to quickly determine whether or not you’re eligible

  • All citizens below the income limit for free legal aid can get legal counselling.  
  • All former, present and coming inmates can get debt counselling. They can only get legal counselling if they are below the income limit for free legal aid.
  • All "socially vulnerable citizens" may recieve debt counselling.

(What precisely it means to be socially vulnerable is up to debate and will depend on an individual assessment.)

However all citizens throughout the country can receive counselling on the so-called “step 1” which covers basic questions that does not require extended case work time. If you are in need of extended help, we will refer you to a lawyer. You will have to pay the lawyer yourself if you are not covered by a legal aid insurance. Even if we cannot offer any counselling ourselves if you’re not in the target groups mentioned above, we are more than happy to refer you elsewhere.

The income limit for free legal aid in 2020 is 336.000 kr. a year for single people and 427.000 kr. for couples. The limit increases if you have children so you can add 58.000 kr. to these numbers for each child you have.

When we are sending emails containing personal information, we are sending them safely through Egress Switch. Click HERfor a guide to Egress Switch. 

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Aarhus: Augustenborggade 2 – 8000 Aarhus C – 70 22 93 30 – aarhus@socialeretshjaelp.dk

København: Bragesgade 10C – 2200 København N – 70 22 93 30 – kbh@socialeretshjaelp.dk